Jathan Fong


Jathan Fong is a Hong Kong jewellery designer and metalsmith instructor with a long passion for local traditional metalsmithing arts and techniques. She believes that creativity has no boundaries and her vast knowledge and skills enable her to turn traditional metalsmithing methods into modern pieces of art which everyone can enjoy.

In 2018, Jathan co-founded “Back Column Hit Gold”, a popular metalsmithing studio in Hong Kong which has gained considerable recognition and following since its launch and recently in 2019, she also established her very own jewellery brand “Jathan Jewellery”.

With her new brand “Jathan Jewellery”, her objective for each piece is simply to tell a story. Each unique design created carries emotions and memories for the owner especially with custom made items. When we look at Jathans collection, it is obvious that she has a fascination for Baroque Pearls and colourful mineral rocks. Accompanied by vivid coloured metals, she considers each hand made piece a story in itself.

Jathan Fong's work

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